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How to Turn Your Car into a Limo

How Is a Sedan Limousine Built?

The technique of creating a limousine is extremely complex. It will take several hours for a normal vehicle to go from a standard to a luxury limo. This process not only means adding on pieces to a vehicle, but of most time, adding a completely new interior. However, with some luck and much technical expertise, a sedan limousine can be made to look like a million bucks.

Most people are surprised by the first step when building a limo, it is simply to go and buy a stock sedan. Normally these will be high quality cars. Lincoln’s and Cadillacs are extremely popular, but,almost any kind of car can be converted into a stretch limousine. However, some models sell better than others.

Once you have bought your car, the big modifications will occur immediately. The interior will be completely removed, and then your vehicle is cut in half. Steel supports will then be put in place in order to accommodate the extra body piece which is added. The length of these supports greatly depend on the length you want for your limo.

Once your steel is done, then comes the floor and body panels in addition to the roof. This is when your limo will begin to resemble a vehicle again, at least it does from the exterior. Most extra mechanical work, like the electrical system and mechanical components is done at this time also.

Once this is done, it will be time to start on the interior. The seating is made for high usage, so the standards need to be higher than the auto industry uses. This is due to the fact that the seats will be used more than normal and can make the interior of your limousine look shoddy if it is not in good condition. Plus, other luxury touches, like a bar or table, are also added at this point.

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