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Different Types of Limousines in Arlington, VA

Which Limousine Service Would Better Suit Your Occasion

Combining class and style, limos are the ultimate form of luxury transportation. Whether you’re taking part in a special occasion (wedding, prom, business meeting) or heading to the airport, a limousine service girls with limois the perfect way to travel in style.

Limo services have become increasingly popular, especially in the last couple of years, due to the versatility of options they offer. There are many limousines to choose from and this allows people to better match their budget and preferences with the services provided. Here are some of the most popular types of limousine cars.

Limousine Buses.
Also known as party buses, these limos are mostly used by large groups who are heading to a party, concert, or any other entertainment event. Some models can accommodate up to 30 people, making them the perfect choice for birthday, bachelor or bachelorette parties.

Town Car Limousines.
If you’re searching for airport transportation, then a sedan service is what you need. These limos are extremely versatile and come with many advantages. Besides the comfortable ride you get, there are also many amenities you can order.

SUV Limousines.
If you’re looking for an exotic limousine, then an SUV is the perfect solution. They are highlighted by an array of amenities such as video game systems, mirrored ceilings, multiple bars, flat screen TVs, state of the art sound systems, etc.

Stretch Limousines.
They are the longer, bigger and and more comfortable version of the town car limousines. Most models can accommodate up to twenty passengers and are used for weddings, birthday parties, nights out, etc.

Classic Limos.
Common vehicle of choice from this category include Bentley and Rolls Royce limousines. They are very popular for anniversaries, weddings, and business meetings. Definitely the best way to make an elegant statement of dignity and class.

Whether you’re looking for an SUV or a sedan service, always make sure the vehicle you rent suits your occasion. Smart LimousineĀ has an immense fleet of limo cars. If you’re looking to rent one in Arlington, VA, they are definitely the ones you should call. Their number isĀ (703) 662-5588.