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Common Limousine Rental Scams that You Should Watch Out For

How to Avoid Sedan Limo Service Rip-Offs

There are many reliable, honest, and trustworthy limousine companies out there. However, since limos are usually rented sight unseen, there are large margins of errors and miscommunication that people should be aware of. Here are some of the most common scams that consumers may face when hiring a sedan limo service provider.


Before you rent a limousine, make sure you understand how the contractor charges for their services. For instance, what will happen if your trip to the airport takes longer than expected due to traffic or driving errors? How about when your meeting gets delayed and your drivers has to wait for you? You must understand these overcharges before you rent the limousine; otherwise, you may be surprised by the cost of these additional services.

Not the vehicle expected

If the customer does not insist upon photos of the interior and exterior of the limo as well as the vehicles identification number, the contractor can substitute a different limo without breaching the contract. Oftentimes, the operator will send an older vehicle or a vehicle with a different seating configuration. So, in order to avoid such scams, make sure you ask for the car VIN and photos of the vehicle.

High charges for beverages and food

If you don’t require beverages and food, then make sure you don’t pay for them. In case you have food and beverages requirements, then make sure that they are included in your contract along with the prices for each item. Many sedan limo service providers may try to scam you by overcharging for any additional items that they offer.

Internet and satellite TV access charges

Most of today’s limos are equipped with TVs and provide Internet access. However, many contractors charge these services separately. So, make sure you understand the terms before you use any of these services.

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